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🔴Unit and Measurement

Unit is arbitrarily chosen standard of a physical quantity .its have following features:-
◾Unit is comprehensively accepted by society.
◾By using Unit we can measures other quantities of a similar nature.

The process of measurement is simply a comparison process. To measure a physical quantity, we need to find out how many times the standard quantity of that physical quantity is present in the quantity being measured. The standard chosen is called the unit of physical quantity and the number thus gained called as magnitude.

Quiz (SCIENCE➡Physics Units and Measurements)

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1 How many are the basic physical quantities in SI System?
  • (A) 7
  • (B) 6
  • (C) 9
  • (D) 8

(A) 7

2 What is the right pair in case of basic fundamental units?
  • (A) Mass, Time, And Steradian
  • (B) Electric Current, Radian &Luminous Intensity.
  • (C) Length, Time & Luminous Intensity
  • (D) Amount of Substance, Flux & Luminous Intensity.

(C) Length, Time & Luminous Intensity

3 what is the SI unit of length?
  • (A) Kilogram
  • (B) Steradian
  • (C) Kelvin
  • (D) Meter

(D) Meter

4 what is the SI unit of mass?
  • (A) Second
  • (B) Kilogram
  • (C) Kelvin
  • (D) Mole

(B) Kilogram

5 what is the SI unit of time?
  • (A) Second
  • (B) Ampere
  • (C) Steradian
  • (D) Candela

(A) Second

6 what is the SI unit of temperature?
  • (A) Radian
  • (B) Steradian
  • (C) Kelvin
  • (D) Ampere

(C) Kelvin

7 what is the SI unit of amount of substance?
  • (A) Second
  • (B) Ampere
  • (C) Mole
  • (D) Kilogram

(C) Mole

8 what is the SI unit of luminous intensity?
  • (A) Meter
  • (B) Kilogram
  • (C) Second
  • (D) Candela

(D) Candela

9 what is the SI unit of electric current?
  • (A) Ampere
  • (B) Kilogram
  • (C) Second
  • (D) Kelvin

(A) Ampere

10 “s” symbol denotes for which fundamental quantity?
  • (A) Length
  • (B) Mass
  • (C) Time
  • (D) Amount of substance

(C) Time

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