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(GK➡History Medieval History Initial Invasions of Arabs and Turks)

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Que:1 Under whose leadership the Arabs did the first successful invasion of India?
  • (A) Muhammed bin Qassim
  • (B) Alp-Tegin
  • (C) Mahmud Ghazni
  • (D) Muhammad Ghori

Correct Answer: – (A) Mohammed bin Qassim

Que:2 Who got the attack under the name Ghazwa-e-Hind?
  • (A) Muhammad Ghori
  • (B) Muhammed bin Qassim
  • (C) Iltutmish
  • (D) Muhammad Ghori

Correct Answer:-(B) Mohammed bin Qassim

Que:3 When did the Arabs conquer Sindh?
  • (A) 711 AD
  • (B) 713 AD
  • (C) 712 AD
  • (D) 710 AD

[Correct Answer:-(C) 712 AD]

Que:4 Who ruled Sindh at the time of Arab invasion?
  •  (A) Prithvi Raj Chauhan
  •  (B) Firdausi
  •  (C)  Iltutmish
  •  (D)   Dahir

Correct Answer:-(D) Dahir

Que:5 When and between whom did the Second “Battle of Tarain” take place?
  • (A) 1191 AD
  • (B) 1192 AD
  • (C) 1193 AD
  • (D) 1194 AD

Correct Answer:-(B) 1192 AD

Que:6 When did Muhammad Ghori attack “Ghazni”?
  • (A) 1174 AD
  • (B) 1175 AD
  • (C) 1173 AD
  • (D) 1170 AD

Correct Answer:-(C) 1173 AD

Que:7 What was the main objective of the Arab invasion of India?
  • (A)   Rob money
  • (B)   Propagation of Islam
  • (C)   To rule
  • (D)  Both (A) & (B)

Correct Answer:-(D)Both(A)&(B)

Que:8 Who was assumed the title of “Amir-Ul-Umra”?
  • (A) Sabuktigin
  • (B) Alp-Tegin
  • (C) Mahmud Ghazni
  • (D Muhammed bin Qassim

Correct Answer:-(A) Sabuktigin

Que:9 Who Founded the Ghazni kingdom?
  • (A)  Muhammed Bin Qassim
  • (B)  Alp-Tegin
  • (C)  Mahmud Ghazni
  • (D)  Muhammad Ghori

Correct Answer: – (B) Alp-Tegin

Que:10 The first Muslim attack on India was by whom?
  • (A) Muhammad Ghori
  • (B) Alp-Tegin
  • (C) Muhammed bin Qassim
  • (D) Sabuktigin

Correct Answer:-(C) Mohammed bin Qassim

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